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About Us

We are unlike any of the large chain pharmacies to which many are accustomed. Being independent means better service to you. You will find we have real professional relationships here; we truly care and want to see customers have success with their well-being. We run many programs like $3.49 generic prescription list that is extensive to help save you money and live better. Free deliveries to save you money on gas .Consultation on availability of cheaper generics and help with choosing the right insurance.


We will match or beat the price of what you are currently paying elsewhere. Whether you come to us, or we come to you, you will save money and gain good health while feeling valued.

We invite you to see what we do….

* $ 1 Products

*$3.49 generic drug list

* 15 minute or less wait, retail pharmacy

*Local Deliveries

*Automatic monthly/90 day refills

* Pre-packaged, pharmacist prepared, “Bingo cards” (weekly/ monthly prescription trays)

*Caring Pharmacist for free consultations and expert advice on insurance

*Over-the-counter medications and durable medical equipment

*Receive prescriptions by phone, fax, or electronic scan


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