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ALF and Nursing Homes

Jaxx Pharmacy supplies medication to assisted living facilities and seniors in a long term care facility. We not only deliver medications but bring a whole package of services to our facilities. The residents are not just our business customers but they are like our family. We provide a range of professional pharmacy services along with innovative solutions that help them meet their health care demands.

Our services:

*Accept prescriptions by phone, fax, or electronic scan

*$3.49 generic drug list (lowest cost medications)

*Local Deliveries

*Family billing

*Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly bubble wraps

*Customized patient labels, MARS, and Control drug record forms

*Durable medical equipment and OTC products

*Equipment provided during our service such as med carts and fax machines

Continuing Education and certification

CPR /First aid/AED/BLS

Medication errors

Alzheimer's disease

Resident rights

HIV / Infection control

Major incidents and emergencies

Nurse Assistance

* Chart Review

* Cart Review

*Pharmacist on-location consultation to identify, resolve, and prevent medication-related problems


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